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    Strawberry Milk e-juice is a popular mouth-watering vape by Keep It 100. It is a perfect mixture of vanilla milkshake and fresh strawberry flavors. If you love to have strawberry milkshakes but don’t want to consume too many calories, take your vaping pod and have a few puffs of Strawberry Milk. Certainly, it can satisfy ...
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    The most famous energy drink in the world that originated from Thailand and spawned a host of copycats is undoubtedly Red Bull. The idea that an energy drink with its strong syrupy and herbal taste could be behind the daredevil acts of extreme sports athletes that jump off planes at ridiculous altitudes and glide through ...
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    Forget about vaping products that you have been accustomed to. It’s high time that you tried vaping e liquid that you made yourself. Sounds like a challenge, right? Well, most people jump to the conclusion that making your e liquid is difficult. Where will you get the ingredients? What about the flavors? How will I ...
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    When it comes to choosing the best e-juice that fits any person, nothing beats DIY juices. That is why it is becoming more popular for people to make their own e-juices instead of buying ones that have been already prepared and bottles. However, although it isn’t exactly rocket science to be able to make your ...
  • CBD Gummies vs. CBD Oil: What's Right For You?

    Depending on where you live, you will agree that cannabis has become a sensation. The cannabis industry is indeed blossoming. Today, there is now an increase in the varieties of cannabis-related products in a variety of forms. There is no excuse anymore for you to not partake of the many benefits of consuming CBD, whether ...
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    One of the decisions that people who go into DIY e-liquids have to make is whether to use a sweetener. If you check out many homemade e-juice recipes online, you will find sweeteners among the ingredients alongside e-liquid flavour concentrates. Sweeteners are widely used in the vaping industry by manufacturers of vape liquids. Virtually, all ...
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