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    Forget about vaping products that you have been accustomed to. It’s high time that you tried vaping e liquid that you made yourself. Sounds like a challenge, right? Well, most people jump to the conclusion that making your e liquid is difficult. Where will you get the ingredients? What about the flavors? How will I ...
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    When it comes to choosing the best e-juice that fits any person, nothing beats DIY juices. That is why it is becoming more popular for people to make their own e-juices instead of buying ones that have been already prepared and bottles. However, although it isn’t exactly rocket science to be able to make your ...
  • CBD Gummies vs. CBD Oil: What's Right For You?

    Depending on where you live, you will agree that cannabis has become a sensation. The cannabis industry is indeed blossoming. Today, there is now an increase in the varieties of cannabis-related products in a variety of forms. There is no excuse anymore for you to not partake of the many benefits of consuming CBD, whether ...
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    One of the decisions that people who go into DIY e-liquids have to make is whether to use a sweetener. If you check out many homemade e-juice recipes online, you will find sweeteners among the ingredients alongside e-liquid flavour concentrates. Sweeteners are widely used in the vaping industry by manufacturers of vape liquids. Virtually, all ...
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    Lemon Tart e-juice by Dinner Lady is a dessert e-liquid that is making waves across the vaping community. One reviewer claimed it is so good other brands are losing their once faithful customers. But is it just a fad or this vape juice truly has something that can oust its rivals? Find out in my ...
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    USA Tobacco is a delicious e-liquid that will appeal to vapers who enjoy tobacco blends. This vape juice has a pure tobacco flavor. USA Tobacco has a bold, rich taste that sets it apart from other tobacco blends on the market. Although this is a tobacco e-juice, it does not have a harsh taste. The ...
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